There’s still time to watch plenty of films.
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Day 6

Film still of ‘Scrapper’

On the Mountain or On the Couch, We’ve Got Your Film Queue

Welcome Online Festgoers! We’re so excited to have you join us from wherever you’re Festing. Starting today you’ll be able to watch an impressive, curated slate of 2023 Sundance Film Festival projects on VOD including Magazine Dreams, Bad Press, Scrapper, and Sometimes I Think About Dying. Don’t forget our stacked Short Film lineups and Indie Episodic program, including Chanshi and Poacher, are available with the Explorer Pass! If you have any questions on how to watch films online, how to watch Beyond Film events or how to get your tech set up, How to Fest has you covered.

If you’re Festing in Park City or Salt Lake, there are still tickets available for second screenings including Shortcomings, The Starling Girl, Twice Colonized, and Fairyland.

Don’t forget! If some of your favorite films are sold out, be sure to join the e-waitlist through our mobile app, and follow us on Twitter for our nightly ticket drops at 7:30 p.m. MT.

Want to make your friends and family jealous with all the great Sundance Fest fun you’ve been having? Be sure to post pics of your Fest experience and tag us so we can see too! Plus, you can show them the latest Daily Recap presented by Adobe.

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Film still of ‘The Persian Version’

See the Films that Everyone Is Talking About

From Persian Version to 20 Days in Mariupol, all of the latest hits are available to watch during our online Festival. Snap up tickets now before they’re gone.

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Orange graphic with text overlay ‘Tip of the Day’

How to Watch Your Films Online

Online films are now available and you can start your screening at any time until 11:55 p.m. MT on January 29. You have five hours to finish watching once you hit play. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to watch.

Get Ready
Thumbnail for the Meet the Artist video of Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project

Get to Know Multi-Sundance Directors Joe & Michèle

Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project is playing in this year’s U.S. Documentary Competition. Filmmakers Joe and Michèle share their imaginative and dreamlike approach to documenting the story of this legendary poet’s journey.

Meet Joe and Michèle
Photo of the mountains of Utah at sunset.

Visit the Festival's Home

Utah's remarkable scenery has always inspired great storytelling. Explore Utah's film history or plan a trip around iconic cinema locations when the time is right. You'll soon discover why we say Utah. America's Film Set.®

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Rewind Your Memories of Day 5 of the Festival Including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Intimacy Panels, and more.

Thumbnail of Daily Recap video presented by Adobe

"Creating an environment that is really uplifting, really supportive, when every human on the set, or making the movie, or in the writing process feels totally valued and totally equal… everyone works harder, has a good time, and is happier. And, to me, that’s what feels right," says Dakota Johnson at the Women at Sundance celebration. Festivalgoers continued to enjoy the premieres of films like All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, Flora and Son, and more. It’s our last 2023 Daily Recap presented by Adobe so grab the tissues!

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